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trials and tribulations

Series of images shot in Ijen, Indonesia on the miners and their lives and livelihood that can easily be one of the toughest jobs on the planet. Located on the western Gunung Merapi (meaning mountain of fire) volcanic range, Ijen is the hub of sulfur mining

Cuban Reception Crisis

Like any other traveller trying to connect with the rest of the world, i got in line for about 30 minutes at the government office that issues $1 internet scratch cards that lasts for 1 hour each. I couldn't talk to my wife that day because i started to shoot people completely mesmerised and attached to their phones. How can you not document this modern day phenomenon. 

I call this series 'Cuban Reception Crisis'.

Aviv's Birth

Hands down one the most challenging projects i have worked on. To document the birth of my son. I was called off from a work trip to attend to my wife and hospitalise her due an unforeseen complication. Aviv had to be delivered 1.5 months before his planned arrival. This series is an account of a husband, soon to be father and a photographer.

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